All events take place at Alumni Memorial Union 163 on Thursday and Friday and Marquette Hall 105 on Saturday.


Thursday, September 22nd

2:30-2:55pm — Welcome 

3:00-3:40pm — “Charitably Curious and Curiously Charitable: Bringing the Politics of Curiosity into Conversation with the Politics of Interpretive Charity”

Claire Lockard (Mount Mary University)

3:50-4:30pm — “Translating Trans Experiences: Toward Trans Philosophies of Liberation”

Bella-Rose Grace Kelly (Marquette University)

4:40-5:20pm — “Queering Disability and Disabling Queerness: A Phenomenological Investigation of Causal-Explanatory Relationality Between Embodied Experiences of Disability and Queerness”

Sabrina P. Leeds (Georgetown University)

Friday, September 23rd

8:30am-8:55am — Welcome gathering, coffee and snacks provided by Marquette

9:00-9:40am — “Liberatory Virtue Epistemology”

Heather Muraviov (University of Connecticut)

9:50-10:30am — “Structured Failures: Knowing in Asylum”

Ezgi Sertler (Utah Valley University)

10:40-11:20am — “Carceral (Foster) Care: Disciplinary Power, Social Death, and Hometactics”

Katherine Davies (The University of Texas at Dallas)

11:30-12:50pm — Lunch Break (a list of nearby eateries will be provided at the conference)

1:00-1:40pm — “Identity as a Fluid Process: A Non-Idealizing Ontology of Marginalized Identities”

Youjin Kong (University of Georgia)

1:50-2:30pm — “Grieving Ghosts: affective ignorance, multiplicitous consciousness, and reparative ontologies of loss”

Taylor Rogers (Loyola University Chicago)

3:00-4:30pm — KEYNOTE ADDRESS — Perceiving in Red: Aesthetic Trespassing, the Visible and the Invisible in Lugones and Anzaldúa

Dr. Mariana Ortega 

6:30-9:30pm — Dinner Gathering for speakers and invited guests (Location TBD)

Saturday, September 24th

8:30-8:55am — Welcome gathering

9:00-9:40am — “Feminist comedy and political crisis: learning endurance from Sarah Cooper’s TikToks”

Jana McAuliffe (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

9:50-10:30am — “Rejecting Current Methods of Transgender Data Collection in the Electronic Health Record (EHR)”

Rebecca Sanaeikia (University of Rochester)

10:40-11:20am — “Rethinking the Tensions between Anti-imperialism and Feminism: Towards a Multi-Directional Feminist Critique of Gender Oppression in the Global South”

Zeinab Nobowati (University of Oregon)

11:30-12:10pm — “The Decolonial Imagination as Strategy of Resistance – Global Feminist Imaginations in Dialogue”

Shaila Wadhwani-Greenhalgh (Marquette University) and Karisa Krystal Bridgelal (Syracuse University)

12:20-1:00pm         — “Epistemic Injustice in Medicine: Dismissal of Women’s Symptoms as Psychosomatic”

Deniz Durmus (John Carroll University)

1:00-2:00pm — Business Lunch (catered by Marquette) + conversation/reflection


Program Organizer                                                          Host Liaison

Meredith Verrochi, PhD                                                    Desiree Valentine, PhD                              

Department of Philosophy                                               Department of Philosophy

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville                   Marquette University

midwestusswip@gmail.com                                                    desiree.valentine@marquette.edu                   

A special thanks to this year’s program committee:

Dr. Desiree Valentine 

Dr. Eva Cadavid

Dr. Sahar Heydari Fard 


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