Midwest SWIP 2011 Fall Conference

November 4th-6th

Hosted by Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

 Friday, Nov 4th, Big Ten Room at Norris University Center: 

6:00-7:00 Meet & Greet

 7:00-7:50: What Latin American Feminism(s) Can Teach Latin American Philosophy

                Stephanie Rivera-Berruz

 8:00-8:50: Reclaiming the History of Philosophy: The Opportunities of Exclusion

                Sarah Tyson

 Saturday, Nov 5th, Big Ten Room at Norris University Center:

9:00-9:50: Feminists Who Do: Bridging Insight to Practice in Comprehensive Women’s Health Care

                Jamie Ross

 10:00-10:50: Feminist Advocacy Research, Relationality, and the Coloniality of Knowledge

                Sarah Hoagland

 11:00-11:50: Epistemic Border Crossing

                Gaile Pohlhaus, Jr.

Lunch: 12:00-2:00

 2:00-2:50: The Child-Like Woman and the Battered Woman:  A Beauvoirean Analysis of Domestic Violence

                Lisa Buckley

3:00-3:50: The Concept of Freedom

                Jennifer Benson

 4:00-4:50: Lipstick Signification and Written Flirtation: The Sexist Underbelly of Locke’s “The Abuse of Words”

                Summer Renault-Steele

5-6 pm Business Meeting

Sunday, Nov 6th, Big Ten Room at Norris University Center:


A Man’s World: How Psychological Oppression in the Media and Education Perpetuate Gender Inequalities

                Megan Kuhr

 10:00-10:50: Reinventing Sex

                Saray Ayala

 11:00-11:50: Uses of Multimedia Representations in an Undergraduate Feminist Philosophy Course

                Misty Deleon and Crista Lebens