María Lugones (January 26, 1944-July 14, 2020) was a long-time member of Midwest SWIP and a founding member of the Women of Color Caucus, a space organized and maintained by Women of Color to work together. In the words of Marilyn Frye, “María co-invented and recruited its Women of Color Caucus, to which white women were not invited. María always worked in and built such contexts: inclusive-with-strategic-separations–creating and supporting multiplicitous identity and community.” (“A Remembrance of María Lugones,” Sinister Wisdom, Spring 2021)

Women of Color Caucus CFP (circa 2002)


Women of Color thinking, discussing, doing video, performance art, 
poetry in a space that is by us and for us without the mediation of 
white/Anglo women or men. This is to our knowledge the only space of 
its kind initiated by Women of Color philosophers. But we know it is 
a rare space for us, one that we value enormously and one we want to 
see grow and flourish. We, the women of the Women of Color Caucus of 
the Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy, invite you to 
participate in making this space lively, to bring the problems that 
concern you and what makes your heart sing. We have talked about 
sexuality, language and cultural resistance, colonization, identity, 
coalition, and many other topics in many different modes of 
expression: video, poetry, short essays, and discussion around a 
previously agreed upon topic. We have no set expectations. The space 
is informal, friendly, committed to social change that centers on the 
well-being of Women of Color. We meet in conjunction with the Society 
for Women in Philosophy (SWIP), Midwest Division. The Society has a 
history of friendly engagement at the intersection of race, class, 
gender, and sexuality. Participating in the Women of Color Caucus 
does not commit you to participating in the rest of the SWIP conference.

Lugones (center) giving a dance lesson at the Midwest SWIP celebration of the publication of Pilgrimages/Perigrinajes, spring 2004