2018 Ferrari Club Meeting By: Aidan Roesler

Over the years I have gone to numerous amounts of car shows all over the local Wisconsin area. The thing that I like most about car shows is that you get to see things that you would usually never see on the road. From Lamborghini’s to Ferrari’s and everything in between I’ve seen at a car show. The thrill of seeing a very expensive and fast exotic car is almost breathtaking. Its this feeling that fuels my passion and determination to go to as many car shows as I can. Having hundreds of photos from different shows I could never possibly show you everything. So below I will include some pictures from one of my favorite shows which is the Ferrari Club meetings in Middleton, Wisconsin. Although its hosted by the Ferrari Club, super cars of any kind are invited.

Many of these car shows and meeting that I attend are typically in Madison, Wisconsin. Because its one of the biggest cities in the state there is a lot of money there. Making it a great place for car clubs and shows.

Taken By: Aidan Roesler


These two pictures for instance show what a great turnout can look like at any car show. On the left are two cars owned by the same family. The yellow car is a late 2000’s Ferrari F430 Spyder. The second car to the left is a mid 2000’s Dodge Viper SRT10. The Ferrari can boast a price of up to around 100,000 dollars. But for this you do get quite a lot of car. The notorious V8 Ferrari motor is accomplished by sport breaks and rims. Along with aerodynamic areas to increase air flow. Being done in this vibrant yellow, I thought the car looked absolutely fantastic. The Viper on the other hand is a completely different beast all in its own. This American made muscle car boasts a huge V10 motor, giving it 505 cubic inches of engine. Being a rear hand drive car it was important for Dodge to give this car giant back wheels. This is exactly what they did, applying 345 millimeter tires to the back it gives the car an extreme amount of grip and ease. Along with this the Viper puts out a little over 500 horsepower and feet pounds of torque. One of my all time personal favorites, the Viper is something I aspire to have.


Taken By: Aidan Roesler

The car pictured on the right is like very few you have seen. This is a Ford GT, one of the most well known American super cars.With a price tag of over a quarter of a million dollars its no wonder you’ve probably never seen one of these in person. Offering up a rear engine mounted car, this was built truly for the gear heads of America. Coming stock with a supercharger this vehicle puts out and insane amount of power.