Personal Technology Essay

Okay, to start with this I use instagram and snapchat a lot. I use it to communicate with my friends, find news, see what they are doing. Including staying interactive. I use a lot of facebook at well. This season I want to challenge you to use the hashtag #ForensicsLove.  As I started college speech last year I really didn’t know anyone. It took me until National Forensics Competition of Spring 2017 to get my foot wet and really branch out and start talking to people. As the season starts I would like you guys to use #ForensicsLove when meeting new people on the circuit,  practices, team interactions, tournaments and just candid moments throughout the season using the hashtag. #Forensicslove So, anytime we go to tournament I make sure to post to show the interaction. I learned maybe impart to my OCD I do the same tasks pretty much everyday. I check emails constantly and respond pretty much within two hours. The only time I don’t do that is if I’m away at a Tournament. I have snapchat streak that I have to maintain in order to keep my special token on the app and then you check the stories while your at it. I make sure that I check the news at least once a day and know the know the latest shooting as sad as that might be. I use a lot of media at work because its literally called CoBE Media at the school of business. I’ve realized i’m pretty bad because I can put my phone down or i’m always on it because I have to respond to emails, messages for my job or my residents. I think it truly depends where I’m placed and if i’m allowed to be on my phone. That truly makes the difference. So, the media that basically has multiple interactions is what  I do. I’m also apart of different social media platforms so, keeping in touch with organizations that is near and dear to my heart.


The following list is a day to day use:


  1. Wake up,Check notifications
  2. Check emails
  3. Check snapchat
  4. Check Facebook
  5. Went to work Checked email
  6. Watched instoctor videos
  7. Did a recording
  8. Checked email
  9. Used Google
  10. Snapped a friend
  11. Checked email
  12. Had class and fixed my Linkedin
  13. Added youtube videos to my lists
  14. Checked my CNN App
  15. Listened to Music
  16. Walked to from classes and passed newspapers
  17. Walking through Hyland and watched the big screens
  18. Snapchatted
  19. Checked emails
  20. Checked Snapchat and set alarm and went to bed
  21. Watched 30 Minutes of hulu




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