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The issue I have with this is that society continues to put people into boxes because they want to label them and or white. This has been a problem for centuries and if you’re able to change your last name why are you allowed to put your stage name as for your Facebook page. Many celebrities do it why should it be any different for what you portray online. I know there could be some privacy issues with.  These articles discuss through these social media apps are we more isolated? I honestly think it depends on how you use your social media platform. I have a platform called #Forensicslove because it was a way for me to connect to others who live across the country and stay connected through an activity we like. For some people yes, I think sites like Facebook can make them lonely but at some point, you have to put the phone down and if you don’t it can make things extremely worse for you in the end. Making interactions awkward when you actually do see people in person. You have to play the game of media but also know when to put the puzzle piece away so you can live your life off a screen. Have the privacy you need and live your life.

Blog #1: Love Story

Le Racha Simon

Article Summary: Love Online

New Communications Technologies


This article had a very interesting point of view. This Mother describes her son’s first relationship via an online chat room. She continues the story of  feeling the love without ever seeing the person he was dating. One of the larger obstacles was the fact that her father wanted to go through a certain line of communication before her son meet his daughter. They begged and pleaded and it was a skeptical sense of courting very different but yet similar how the Mother had her courting with her husband. Being that during her time there was no internet. When you have many resources at your hand it makes it extremely easier to remember information. So, her son had this pathway to connect with his girlfriend. But, overall some physical connection like speaking via telephone still had the biggest impact. Although the relationship didn’t last it has them some perspective as to what they wanted as fifteen-year teenagers because life just got in the way. Now, her son went on to have further relationships in person and online. Drawing the conclusion that growing up in the period where media is so accessible and it will constantly change we communicate and at the end of the day it will not be the same as an in-person interaction.