Digital Nativism, Digital Delusions, and Digital Deprivation

This has the premise of Brave New World based off the book by Aldous Huxley who lived in a dystopian society where “big brother is in control”, making the parallel that those who were born into this “new” society of technology are at an advantage. And, because we are being exposed to more violent things it translates to negative things done in society. Extending to playing these video games and then making it real life. The example used is the Sandy Hook shooting and the victims who survived are still and will forever be traumatized. With that society is disregarding the childhood development when it comes to activities with young children and how it will effect them in their social lives. Creating an environment where children are not learning and instead of going outside to play they are wanting technology to fill the void they have, and instead  filling it with human connection. Then the article explore the break down of heavy, medium and light users of technology and a whopping 58% of users are in this category for virtual reality and how this percentage had changes based on the generations. Because these children or young adults have been native to this but can they teach a healthier form to let people know that this is a problem. But, there is a whole counter argument that educators are doing this job but somehow it’s not being relayed. Often if these students are playing some violent it will in fact translate to their reality.

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