Article Summary: Making New Media Make Sense

Through these different sectors of media we have found through culture, history and personal experience everyone communicates differently. And, online through media you can tell a lot about what and who a person is through their communication online. Based on different platforms intelligence is really challenged how we challenge ourselves with intelligent. Highlighting technological determinism and coined the term the medium is the message. That you can basically take on any person you want to be. You can date online and still portray to very a different person as displayed in the cartoons in the article. Everyone wants to be the prettiest version of themselves and not who they were actually born to be.  As technology has taken from the nuance of family gatherings have been a thing since the late 1900’s and that was acceptable for the Family to gather around and watch the t.v. People have the power when it comes to media and having this influence with children it could be causing them to mature to fast. This leading into them changing to be more mature when they portray themselves online. The fact that children have more knowledge than anyone else is dangerous. They are growing up with a huge advantage that might hurt them in the end. With the the whole break through of sexting Adults have become scared. They have become toxic to themselves and have no idea what the consequences are when the future comes.

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