Blog #4

There are pro and cons to Google. While it is a great news source it also can be very misleading with advertisements. For most it’s becoming  a overall medium as a means to fact check and cross reference information with other sources. Shaping and constantly evolving thoughts and the process of thinking of how we interact with the community. Forcing reader to make the transition to paperback to online reading and bring society to the fact they no longer completely read articles through anymore it’s all a skim. Furthering in classroom where students are no longer paying attention to what is being taught and more of what’s behind the screen of their computer. Some use it as a means of notes and others to surf the web and connect with students outside the classroom. It brightens conversations and gives welcome to an open environment. Even if people say they are multitasking it still has a means of saying you still can’t do more things at once. It’s really hard for the brain to do that. Against media v.s. Teacher? Media always wins its the time we live in.