Ethics and Limitations of AI Workshop Summary

Newsweek editors asked AI to generate images of itself as a “giant tentacled monster with many eyes destroying New York.” Example by Bruce Sterling. (July 7, 2023)

Thank you to all the attendees of our workshop, “Ethics and Limitations of AI”! If you were unable to attend, we have provided a summary below:

Key Takeaways:

  • Responsible generative AI literacy inside and out of the classroom includes a consideration of the ethical concerns. With a rush of generative AI platforms’ products, companies are looking to monetize, with minor regard for public privacy, safety, or access.
  • “Degenerative” AI is a real problem. In a world where volumes of content can be produced in seconds, it will be difficult to discern human-creation from AI-creation, and with it, a loss of the creative process. An implicit underlying thesis of generative AI is that one can only derive enjoyment from the consumption of content, not the production.
  • Federal legislative action has slowly begun; both the White House and Congress have begun work on guardrails for the responsible development of AI, with a primary focus on safety, security and trust. 
  • The majority of ethical concerns surrounding AI can be categorized into a four part framework: privacy, equity, transparency, and accountability.

Supplemental Resources:

  1. Presentation Slide Deck
  2. Workshop Recording
  3. White House AI Response 
  4. Degenerative AI – Mike Trigg

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