Kaltura Auto-Generated Captions

Example of how auto captions will appear when viewing a kaltura video.

Beginning on December 1st, 2021 all video files that are created and uploaded into Kaltura through Canvas will have caption files automatically generated. These automatic captions will appear as “English (autocaption)” to indicate that they are machine generated and are on average 90% accurate. The automatically generated captions can be edited using the following process: Reviewing / Editing Kaltura Machine Captions.

What about Kaltura videos created before December 1st, 2021?

Auto captions will only be available for videos created on or after December 1st. Machine captions can be requested for older videos: Requesting Kaltura Machine Captions.

What are Kaltura auto generated captions?

Kaltura uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to automatically generated captions. ASR instantly recognized the word spoken and provides machine-based captions. Captioning is the process that converts the audio content of a video into text captions. Videos are captioned to make the content more accessible and available for users who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Are auto captions adequate for video accommodation requests in the classroom?

Auto captioning does not meet the standard for providing a reasonable accommodation, nor does it provide the level of accuracy required for public facing videos. See Captioning for Accessibility for additional information.

Please contact the Learning Technology Center if you have any questions about this change.