Spring 2020 Emerging Technology Exploration Project – Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning offers a variety of online “courses” that students and instructors can access online using a computer or mobile device. Learners can complete these entire “courses,” and sometimes earn a digital “certificate,” or view shorter chunks of larger courses. Additionally, the course library is constantly growing, with new content on a variety of topics continuously added.

Linkedin Learning

Project Purpose

The purpose of this Emerging Technology Exploration Project is to explore the potential for Linkedin Learning to positively influence teaching and learning on campus. The guiding questions for this project are:

  1. How can Linkedin Learning benefit instructors?
  2. How can Linkedin Learning benefit students?

Project Expectations

Participating instructors must use Linkedin Learning in at least one class during the Spring 2020 semester. Instructors can choose the class(es) in which they use Linkedin Learning.

The breakdown below details the project expectations for participating instructors, semester by semester:

Fall 2019 or Winterim 2019-2020

  • Attend a two-hour instructional development session with LTC staff (date TBD).

Winterim 2019-2020

  • Submit to the LTC a brief plan outlining how you intend to use Linkedin Learning in your Spring 2020 course(s).

Spring 2020

  • Conduct at least one Spring 2020 course using Linkedin Learning as outlined in your plan.  
  • Complete “check-ins” with LTC staff.
  • Support the LTC in administering an (IRB approved) survey about the course to students.
  • Present on experiences using Linkedin Learning at a LTC workshop or event.

Project Compensation

If all project components are completed, instructors can expect to receive $250 for their participation. Up to ten instructors will be selected for participation in this project.


The Qualtrics application form is available here. The deadline for applications is November 22nd, 2019. After that date, LTC staff will be in contact with applicants.

Need additional information?

If you have any questions about the Linkedin Learning Emerging Technology Exploration Project, feel free to contact icit-techpilots@uww.edu. If you have any questions about Linkedin Learning more generally, please contact the Learning Technology Center.