Instructure Canvas contract signed by UW-System Board of Regents

PrintUW-Whitewater has received word that the UW System Board of Regents has signed the contract with Instructure for their Canvas product.

Now that the contract is signed, here is what you need to know:

  • The Director of Learning Technology is serving as the UW-Whitewater Institution Project Manager.  Please continue to use the Learning Technology Center ( as your primary contact for questions and concerns.  Each UW-System Institution has a dedicated project team and will be working together on migration efforts.  Provost Elrod and Assistant Vice Chancellor Pokot (ICIT) are the UW-Whitewater project sponsors.
  • The earliest opportunity to migrate courses to Canvas is expected to be Fall 2018 with all courses migrated before December 2019.  The move from D2L to Canvas is an exciting change, but will not happen overnight.  These estimates are not set in stone, and they may change as things progress.
  • Please do not contact UW-Madison colleagues or Canvas to gain access to a test course. Though we can understand that you might be excited to get started working in Canvas right away, please do not contact our colleagues at UW-Madison in an effort to gain access to their Canvas environment or use the free public version of Canvas to get started. Both of these environments may be quite different than the environment the UW System will be creating with Canvas and will not be included in migration planning.
  • Any inquiries from the media regarding the Instructure Canvas contract should be directed to:

We will continue to receive more information in the weeks and months ahead, and will do our best to communicate this information with the UW-Whitewater campus community as transparently as possible throughout this transition process. As we understand that there will be a lot of questions during this transition period, the Learning Technology Center has created a website to help keep the UW-Whitewater campus community informed, which can be accessed at this link:

We understand that whenever a large-scale change like this occurs, there will be a number of questions and concerns that arise. The Learning Technology Center aims to be as transparent as possible during this transition period, and will undertake concerted efforts to keep the UW-Whitewater campus community as informed as possible throughout the change. Please continue to contact the Learning Technology Center ( for questions and concerns related to this transition.