TurningPoint 5 Clicker Updates

TP ConceptAs the Fall semester approaches, we wanted to let you know about several new changes to our Clicker software.

During the summer, we upgraded to TurningPoint 5. With this new version of TurningPoint, Turning Technologies has taken its available clicker software, such as TurningPoint, TurningPoint Anywhere, Results Manager, etc., and combined it into one singular program. Along with this change, some of the common processes you may have used to conduct your clicker sessions have changed slightly or have had their locations changed. Please see our What’s New in TurningPoint 5 wiki page for more details.

With this upgrade, we were also able to implement Clicker integration with D2L. This integration allows students to register their clicker keypad or ResponseWare license through D2L and allows you to retrieve participant lists through D2L as well. For steps on how students register their clickers, please see the TurningPoint 5: Registering Your Clicker wiki page. For steps on how to retrieve a participant list, please see the TurningPoint 5: Retrieving a Participant List wiki page.

Turning Technologies also migrated ResponseWare accounts during the summer, and if you didn’t receive an email with a migration link from them to the email account you used to register, you will need to use the Forgot Password link on their site to get a new link. For more detailed information on this, please visit our ReponseWare Migration blog post.

As a reminder, if you haven’t done so already, please stop by the Learning Technology Center (McGraw, room 120) to swap out your old clicker hardware (receivers, clicker keypads, etc.) for a new kit as soon as possible. The old hardware is NOT compatible with the latest version of TurningPoint.

We still have plenty of kits for the current user group and for several new users if there is interest. To see what the new receiver looks like compared to the old one, see our previous Clicker update blog post.

If you have any questions on TurningPoint 5 or clickers, please contact the Learning Technology Center.