D2L Inline Document Viewer Issue with Flash Modules

With the overhaul of the Content area of Desire2Learn (D2L), we discovered that the new inline document viewer has an issue that impacts some Flash modules/activities that may be embedded in your content.  We know that Flash versions of iSpring and legacy eTEACH presentations trigger an issue with the inline document viewer.  It appears to only impact Flash modules that are designed to scale to fit the size of the window they are in.

The easiest workaround to view these presentations is to use the “View content in new window” link.  This however will not stop the module from running in the parent window which may be confusing to students.

Unfortunately, there is currently not a clean workaround to update the links in D2L.  Follow the steps below to correct the issue:

  1. In the content area, click “New” and choose “Create a File”
  2. In the course file, use the html editor to “Insert a Quicklink”
  3. From the “Insert a Quicklink” screen, select “Course File”, click “Add File” and choose the file from the “Course Offering Files”.
  4. Enter text into the “Link Caption” field.
  5. Under “Open In” be sure to choose “New Window”
  6. Click “Insert” and then “Publish” to save and post the new course file
  7. Remove or change the status to “Draft” for the old link.

If you have any questions concerning this, please contact UW-W D2L Support.