Desire2Learn Service Update (6/27)

Desire2Learn logoThis morning, Thursday, June 27th, Desire2Learn Inc. deployed Service Pack 11 to our D2L learning environment.

Included fixes to tools in this service pack are as follows:

Quizzes: If a quiz’s Submission View is restricted to only be viewed by users who achieve a score between 0-100%, users who achieve 100% can now also access the Submission View correctly.

Calendar: Application changes were made to improve the performance of the Calendar tool.

Grades: If students have names that contain apostrophes (‘), it is now possible to correctly access their quiz attempts and dropbox folder submissions from grade book in Grades.

Discussions: New topics are no longer created in the wrong forum when users create group-restricted discussion topics from “Group Restrictions” in Discussions.

Dropbox: A performance improvement was made to reduce database I/O consumption when generating Notifications for “Dropbox – dropbox folder due date or end date is 2 days away” and “Quizzes – quiz end date is 2 days away”.

Content Browser: Titles and icons in the Content Browser widget are now restored to their original layout and no longer have alignment issues.

If you have any questions or concerns about this service pack and the tools updates, please contact UW-W D2L Support.