Improved D2L Calendar Tool

D2L now offers an improved Calendar tool to manage tasks for courses. You can view course events such as project due dates, homework assignments, and virtual office hours.

When looking at your calendar tool, just click on the events posted in your calendar to find out more information that your instructor has provided for you. The management tool lets you organize your calendar by customizing how the content appears.

You can change the color scheme of individual courses, toggle calendars to display the courses you want to focus on, and view individual course schedule. Color coded courses make it easier and clearer for you to know which assignments, quizzes, discussion or events are for each class.

Kaitlyn, from the Learning Technology Center, will demonstrate how to use and customize your calendar in this short video clip.

For additional information, please see the Calendar section of the Student D2L User’s Guide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact UW-W D2L Support.