Top 5 Favorites

As the semester comes to a close, so does my time here at Frugal Food.  I think that this blog was a really fun semester project and who knows..maybe I’ll keep going with it!  I posted a total of 22 different recipes and it can be hard to remember all of them, and I must say that I have a few favorites.  So, here’s to my top 5 favorites on Frugal Food!

1. Caprese Panini

-This panini was one of my first posts during the semester and it’s still one of my go to’s.  You can never go wrong with a panini, especially one that has pesto and mozzarella.

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2. Chicken Avocado Burrito Wrap

Avocado, cheese and chicken.  Need I say more?  This wrap is super easy to make and is a great lunch.


3. Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole

This dish is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Simply delicious and a unique take on the classic egg-in-a-hole.


4. Banana Bread

Banana bread will always have my heart.  If you are a victim of forgetting to eat your bananas before they go overly ripe…make the banana bread.  I like to add chocolate chips for something a little extra.



5. Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

This was the other post I made this week and it completely has me understanding the overnight oats craze.  They’re nutritious, fast, easy and soooooo good.  There’s so many different recipes to try.  The possibilities for breakfast are endless.

And that’s a wrap. I hope that these posts were a good reference and inspired some cool ideas.

Happy Cooking!

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

If you are currently in the world of Pinterest or are in the habit of keeping up with the term overnight oats. Essentially, it is oatmeal you make in a mason jar and the mixture usually looks really cute and tasty. I had to admit that I was pretty skeptical. Is it really that good and worth the hassle for that matter? So…obviously I had to see for myself. Today’s post is all about apple cinnamon overnight oats. A great mixture of protein and complex carbs to kick off your morning!
It only takes 10 minutes to make and uses 5 ingredients.

(I also apologize that there are no step by step pictures in this post.  For some unknown reason, my computer will not let me upload the files.  However, there are helpful demonstrations on platforms such as Pinterest).

Overall Cost:

-1 chopped apple

-1/2 cup of rolled oats

-1/2 cup of milk

-1 tablespoon of honey

-1 teaspoon of cinnamon


1. In a mason jar or bowl (mason jar preferred) mix oats, milk, honey and cinnamon together

2. Add apple slices on top

3. Refrigerate overnight

4. Enjoy in the morning!

Overall thoughts:  Okay, so I can understand the overnight oats craze now.  They are pretty tasty and a convenient breakfast.  I was afraid that the mixture was going to be somewhat bland, but the honey and cinnamon made it have an actual taste. Next time I’d like to do something with more berries like blueberries and raspberries.

Happy Cooking!

Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole

I do realize that it has been a while since I posted, but that’s what a break is for!  Vacation is nice and now I am recharged, ready to take on the rest of the semester.  I started today off right with a nice breakfast.  It’s a traditional egg-in-a-hole..with a twist.  Instead of bread, I used a red bell pepper!  Add some cheese and you get a delicious, protein packed breakfast that will always leave you wanting more.

Overall Cost: $3


-1 bell pepper of any color ($1.25)

-3 eggs ($1)

-1/4 cups of cheese (.75 cents)

-salt and pepper


1. Cut bell pepper into medium sized slices and cut any seeds out


2. Put a sauce pan on medium high heat and sauté the bell peppers for a minute

3. Crack the eggs and pour each egg in slowly, either way the egg may overflow.


4. Add some salt and pepper on each egg-in-a-hole and fry for 3 minutes on each side.

5. Top with cheese


6. Enjoy!


Overall Thoughts:  This was such a good breakfast!  I do realize the presentation isn’t the best, but the taste is spectacular.  It only took 5 minutes to make these bad boys, and I will definitely be making these again.  Until next time.

Happy Cooking!

Sweet Potato Toast

Alright, the need to be creative and frugal was a must this morning.  The fridge and pantry were pretty bare and I didn’t get a pay check until this afternoon.  I had lots of odds and ends going on and I was trying to pull all of them together for a somewhat decent meal.  It ended up being a combination of a sweet potato, an avocado and some eggs.  Put it together and you get..sweet potato toast topped with diced avocado and a scrambled egg.  Yes, yes I know it’s oh so fancy.  I must say this though; don’t knock it until you try it.

Overall Cost: $2.50


-1 small sweet potato (.70 cents)

-1 small avocado (.80 cents)

-2 eggs ($1.00)


1. Slice sweet potato into even, medium sized slices


2. Put the slices through the toaster 2 or 3 times depending on your preference

3.  While the sweet potatoes are toasting, slice/dice the avocado and scramble the eggs


4. Layer it all together and enjoy!


Overall Thoughts:

One word: yum.  I would have never thought of a sweet potato as a substitute for bread, but I must say it will be done more often.  Sweet potatoes are a great way to pack in fiber and other essential nutrients into a meal!  Top that with eggs and avocado and you’ll be full with energy for the morning.  For the future, I am going to be experimenting with other toppings like peanut butter, fruit and more!  Until then.

Happy Cooking!

3 Ingredient Pancakes

We all have those mornings when we just aren’t feeling it.  You cringe at the thought of three back to back lectures, desperately needing some morning coffee and the last thing you want to do is venture into the cold.  On days like these, it’s always a good idea to have pancakes for breakfast!  But, not just any pancakes; 3 ingredient pancakes. This is definitely one of the easiest recipes to make for breakfast.  It’s the perfect breakfast: fast, super easy, nutritious..and under 2 dollars a serving.

Overall Price: $1.50

Time to Make: 10 Minutes


-2 eggs (.50 cents)

-1 banana (.25 cents)

-2 tablespoons of cinnamon (.75 cents)


1. Combine 3 ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Mash up the banana consistently and mix together well.


2. Grease frying pan and pour batter out in small portions.  I stress small portions because these pancakes a litter flimsier than some.  With that being said, about a minute on each side.


3. And just like that, you’ve got some banana pancakes.  Serve with syrup if desired and morning coffee.


Overall thoughts:

These pancakes are very unique in terms of looks, but nonetheless this recipe is a keeper. These pancakes are delicious, insanely cheap, flourless and are something to make frequently!  They can be served in so many different ways as well.  With bananas, nuts, Nutella, jam, syrup and the list goes on and on.  All ingredients were bought at your average Walmart, so yes, this recipe truly is a dollar fifty per serving.  With time, it will be proven that a college student can make anything on a budget.  Hopefully, these pancakes are enough to turn a Monday morning around!