Some Simple Substitutes

Substitutes can really come in handy in an array of situations. Say you weren’t able to make it to the grocery store for eggs or butter, there’s not much left in the fridge, or maybe you’re trying to make some simple changes in your diet. These easy switches should be of common knowledge when it comes to smart cooking and a modest budget. This post will cover 4 life changing alternatives to your everyday grocery items.

1. Apple Sauce over butter
Although butter is a staple for the kitchen and has a heavy endorsement from Paula Dean, you can’t ignore the fat and caloric details. A little butter won’t hurt, but neither will some hardy applesauce! The rule of thumb for this trick is to replace half of the amount. (Ex. 1 cup of butter means 1/2 cup of applesauce). Last I checked, a jar of applesauce costs about $2.50. Score.


2. Try some mashed..cauliflower
I know, this seems like kind of a stretch to replace good ole mashed potatoes with cauliflower, but don’t knock it until you try it! This is a significant healthy alternative due to the amount of saturated fat seen in mashed potatoes. Story time: When I was little, my mom made mashed cauliflower and I was rather picky. She convinced me that it was a new potato that scientists invented and that I had to try it. (Yes, 10 year old Sarah was a little gullible). Anyways, it was actually pretty good.


3. Lettuce leafs as a tortilla
Lettuce wraps are pretty good, my friends. It’s pretty obvious why this substitute is worth mentioning. (Carbs vs. Veggies). For a good veggie wrap use a sturdier green. Gotta get those veggies in.

5. Ever heard of quinoa?
Quinoa is a complex grain that looks a lot like rice, but it has so much more nutritional value than rice ever will. Some examples include fiber and protein. It’s not that hard to find either, you can find it on any food shelf. Although it is a tad more expensive than rice (so not much), it’s an alternative to consider.


Hopefully these tips were useful.
Happy Cooking!