Hello, welcome to my first blog! I am so excited you are here! Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be taking you on a journey to help you discovering wellness. I will be splitting wellness into three different categories; physical, mental, and nutrition. Each week I will be alternating which aspect of wellness I will be focusing on. I will be starting our journey together off by discussing “Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes” in my blog next week.

Why listen to a word I have to say? Good question! Let me explain my background in discovering my wellness and why I created this blog. From a young age, I developed a passion for nutrition and exercise. I spent long hours researching the best workout techniques, healthy eating, the pros and cons of dieting, and SO much more! Growing up with a mother passionate about these same topics, research and conversations regarding healthy eating and fitness became a huge topic of discussion. We took many classes together and completed lots of research regarding health and wellbeing. Mental health came a little bit later in life. I struggled at an early age with being happy mentally. I recently have been doing lots of therapy, taking mental health classes, and practicing meditation. By all means, I AM NOT AN EXPERT OR PROFESSIONAL WITHIN THIS FEILD! However, I want to share my research and passion for personal wellbeing inside and out with all of you! For people struggling or have curiosity in any of these areas, I recommend reading my blog! I can’t wait to discover wellness with every one of you! Till next week…


  • Lissie Eichel

    Madison, I love this! I have been looking more into getting into stuff like meditation and mental health. I have been wanting to change things in my life and I feel like this is a great start. I have no where to start so I am so excited to read your blogs every week to educate myself!

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Madison!

    I am actually super excited to follow your blog this semester. You will definitely see me back here next week! I have been finding that I need to set aside more time for myself and learn to better myself. I’m excited to be able to learn that here and get some school work done at the same time.

    Great post! Have a nice week!

  • Austin Dirks

    This was a good first blog post. Health and wellness is very important in our lives. It looks like you have a lot of experience in this subject as well.

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