Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes

Welcome back! Thank you for joining me for another week of “Discovering Wellness”! This blog will be discussing the importance of dieting vs lifestyle changes. If you’re like me, the word “diet” is very taunting! We are trained by society to be on all these different diets, pills, and workout plans. We are overwhelmed with the pressure of being on the keto diet, a sugar-free diet, Weight Watchers, the Mediterranean diet, and so much more! I am a stronger believer of ending all diets! Why? Keep reading!

From a young age I was surrounded by advertisements and comments from those around me about the new and best diets. I have tried diets on diets on diets. Some work great, but all good things come to an end! When you’re on a diet, they fail to tell you, you have to follow the diet for the rest of your life…otherwise all that weight you lost will come right back. Diets are created for quick results, not long-term goals.

Lifestyle changes is the way to go! Trust me! Coming from someone who has tried many diets, I have fell in love with the lifestyle changes I have created for myself. Everyone is different and has their own goal they hope to reach. For a healthier and happier life, don’t diet! Create a new eating and exercise routine that works best for you. I created a graphic below with the lifestyle changes that have worked best for me!

I encourage you to created a new lifestyle routine that works best for you! Have cheat days, watch movies all-day, drink a little too much *sometimes*…ENJOY YOUR LIFE! Moderation is huge! Do all things in moderation! A cheat day every now and then is okay…but a bowl of ice cream every night is cheating yourself. Don’t let people tell you what the ideal body looks like. Be happy with yourself and created your own goals and expectations!

I hope I have encouraged you to drop the diet and create the lifestyle that works best for you! Have any questions or comments, let me know! Next week, I will be discussing the importance of mental health!


  • Lissie Eichel

    I love your mindset Madison! I think the lifestyle is such a better way to put it than a diet because diets really don’t work. They do for a short time but not longterm. That picture you put in is so helpful. It is easy things to change but also can have a huge impact on your life. My favorite one is “me time”, I think that is so important. Something I am trying to work on this year is meditation and me time. A time in the day I can try to slow my brain down and focus on myself just for 15 mintues. I think your blog is so helpful with nice easy steps for someone as a beginner to start off with!

  • Micahel Marron

    I agree diets are not long term and are quick to end. I might need a lifestyle change with the way I have been eating lately. Covid has really affected my eating habits.

  • Joseph Doll

    What a great thing to blog about. Our health is all we’ve got! Once the pandemic first started and the gyms initially closed I was really bummed because I could only do a few things from my house. Anyways, I was on a very structured meal plan that I created myself and loved every single meal, which is important for consistency. I agree with you when you say moderation is ok. I let myself go crazy (3000cal+) with meals on Sunday, which was my cheat day. While on a cut, I was still losing body fat every week with that cheat day. Keep up the good posts!

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Madison!

    I love how your blog promotes healthy eating while still enjoying the fun in life. I agree that there are always ways to have your favorite food or indulge in your favorite alcohol while still being overall healthy.

    I like how you mentioned that you will go outside for a walk! This kind of exercise is not very rigorous, but it is equally as healthy for the body as it is for the mind. It has been something I have been trying to implement myself. All of my classes are online and I am graduating in a few months, sometimes I go for a walk on campus just to reminise and look at all the pretty trees and fountains.

    Great post! Have a good week! 🙂

  • Trey Cummins

    This is a great thing to write about, especially with many people probably letting loose on healthy habits since Covid hit. I love how you explained that this is more of a life style change and not just a short term diet along with being very postive and supportive the whole time. For me personally, I lost about 25 pounds a couple of years ago and have been able to keep most of it off since then, simply because I made my diet a change for my whole life. Great Post!!

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