Holding Yourself Accountable

First, I want to start my blog by thanking you for joining me on OUR discovering wellness journey. It has been great seeing the engagement in the comments and communicating my knowledge with you. I hope you were able to take something away from reading my blogs.

Holding yourself accountable can be very difficult for some people. In school and work I am great at this, however, when it comes to my wellness I tend to slack. Holding myself accountable to maintain a healthy lifestyle is very difficult for me! This is something I am continuing to work on every day. Below I am including some tips and tricks to holding yourself accountable.

  1. Set goals for yourself
  2. Create a “mission statement” for yourself
  3. Invest in yourself – know your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Reward yourself!
  5. Plan your week out in advance

I hope you are able to apply some of the tips above to your life. Like I said earlier, I am no expert at this and understand it will take some time. Start small and expand yourself after you are able to complete simple goals of yours. Don’t give up and believe in yourself and your worth!

Thank you agin for joining me each week for “Discovering Wellness”!

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