At-Home Gel Nail Kit

Are you tired of spending money to get your nails done? Well, this is a problem I had so for a long time. I always felt like I could do my own nails, but of course, nail polish chips the same day you paint them; it’s so frustrating. And who has time to be reapplying nail polish every day? Well, I wanted to find a solution to that problem, so I went on amazon and tried to find the best at-home gel nail set. It took me about a day to find one I was comfortable buying and believed was worth it. It has about 1,363 reviews with 4 1/2 stars. It comes in eight different colors, a base coat, a topcoat, and a matte coat. It comes with cuticle cutter tools, a buffer, a file, a nail cutter, cuticle oil, and most importantly, a UV light and a couple more things. It is priced at $39.99. I waited for about two days for it to come in, and when I got it, I had to try it out right away. I have to say the process does take a while if you want your nails to look like you went to a nail salon and got them done, but it is so worth it. Mine has lasted about three weeks for every application, if not four weeks. The colors are amazing! After a while, you get the hang of it, and it starts to get easier after every application. I found it has saved me so much money, and it feels like a spa day when I do it at home. Many of my friends have complimented my nails and could not tell that I had done them at home. This is something you have to try out! I will link my products below.

Best Drug Store Makeup!

Just like many of you, spending my money doesn’t come easy. I am a broke college student, so I try and save as much money as I can no matter what it is on. On that note, I will be sharing with you guys the best drug store makeup you can get. Disclaimer this is only my opinion, and if you disagree, it is okay. First, let us start with Elf. Elf is very well known. Drug store makeup brand. It is known for being good and affordable. I love the Elf cosmetics poreless putty primer; it is priced at only $8.00. About a year ago, Elf put out this primer, and all of the makeup artists went crazy for it. It was so hard to find at stores, and it seemed impossible to get your hands on it, but when I finally did, it was so worth the wait. It keeps your makeup in place all day and doesn’t make you breakout. Staying with Elf, their concealer is one of the best in the game. Most people, including myself, have made the switch from Tarte shape tape to Elf. It comes with the same coverage for under half the price being $6.00. Switching over to Nyx lip liners, I would say these are a dupe for the Mac liners. They have so many colors and stay for a good portion of the night. They are, of course, affordable, also only being priced at $4.00 compared to Mac coming at $18.00. Moving over to bronzer, I know you are all thinking it, and of course, it is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer priced at only $5.98. I would say this is a dupe for the Hoola Bronzer priced at $30.00. Physicians Formula Bronzer gives you the same amount of coverage and blends so much easier, in my opinion. Lastly, I would like to talk about Airspun Powder being priced at only $5.97. I found myself so confused about why people baked their faces, and after I saw a picture of me with my makeup looking dewy, I understood. I noticed that many people had raved on the Airspun powder and decided to try it out. Let me tell you, it is one of the best setting powders I have used. I find myself going back to buy more over the more expensive setting powders. Although you have to be careful of how much you use because you do not want to have flashback mary vibes. If you know, you know.

At-home lash lifts. Worth the buy?

I have wanted to see if lash lifts at home were an excellent route to go. Just like many of you, I did my research watching at home youtube videos and also TikTok. Don’t judge me; I know you do it too. Since my lashes aren’t naturally curly, I spend a lot of time curling them. Even when I do curl them, they don’t stay curled for a very long amount of time. It is something that has always bothered me about myself, and I decided it was time to change that. About a year and a half ago, I started getting eyelash extensions. It was honestly going great until I realized how much money I was spending on them.
I also noticed that my lashes were very short and fragile because of them. I stopped getting them done and wanted to do an at-home lash lift. So I spend some time on TikTok and also youtube. I figured out that it is effortless. Since it has to do with my eyes, I was terrified it would hurt, so I recruited my friend. I explained to her how to do it, and we got to work. It does take about an hour to get done. She did a great job, and no nothing got in my eye; thank you for being concerned! It was a fast and easy process. I made sure to do as the instructions said and not get them wet for about 24 hours. I was surprised to see that it actually worked. I was skeptical simply because most at-home kits are hard to follow and usually don’t end up well. I would 10/10 recommend giving this a try; if you have lashes that aren’t naturally curly, it definitely works, and you save some money if you get extensions!

Why you should stop using makeup wipes

If you are like me, you love to do your makeup, and taking it off at the end of the day is one of the greatest feelings. Well, come to find out, makeup wipes are so bad for your face. Please stop using makeup wipes; let me nudge you in the right direction. Make up wipes are not manufactured as skin cleansers; they are bad for the environment, and on top of that, they are bad for your skin. They are full of harmful chemicals that strip your face of their natural oils. Makeup wipes are not made for cleansing your face; in fact, there is a massive chance that it leaves a residue on your face, and it will clog your pores. Keep all of that in mind and then think of how bad they are for the environment. They are a single-use product that takes years to decompose. Now imagine you use one every day, adding to the massive amount of waste we already produce. Okay, now that I have you on my side, this is what you should do instead, use reusable makeup wipes. You can find them on Amazon or at your local beauty supply store. If you think about it, they are very cost-friendly because you do not have to keep repurchasing them. They are better for your skin and the environment! If you don’t like the first idea, you can also double cleanse. Using an oil-based cleanser first, then a regular one. I promise that making this switch will keep your skin healthy and will keep your PH balance undisturbed!

Dr. Jart Color Correction Cream

Over the past month, I have seen the rave over Dr. Jart color correction cream. It honestly seemed too good to be true. I had to try it out. I did see that it worked best on lighter skin tones. That is something I did not like about the product. I like products that include everyone and have a wide range of shades. I decided to give it a chance either way and bought the product.
Another thing I noticed was that the product was costly retailing for $39.99. Dr.Jart is known for taking away redness from acne scars, and it should look like you put a light layer of foundation on after you are finished. It is very moisturizing, and a little goes a long way. It would be best if you patted it on and not rubbed it on like a regular moisturizer. I purchased the product and have been using it for a little over a month, and let me say that this product did change my life. I have always been a bit insecure about my face’s redness and felt like putting on foundation only made my face caky. It is a great product to have around if you don’t like spending time an enormous time on your makeup in the morning. It does include sunscreen, which makes it a great everyday product to use. Since I have been using it, I have not noticed it causing me any acne or breakouts. I feel like it is improving my skin. All in all, if you have a lighter skin tone, I recommend this product.

Curology? Curology!

Today we are going to be talking about Curology. It is something that always pops up as an ad. I’ve seen many influencers I follow promote the product. Last year my skin, for some reason, started to change. I began to break out, and my skin isn’t usually prone to breakouts. So after some research, I decided to give Curology a chance. Curology makes a custom formula for your skin. You send in pictures, professionals analyze it and send you a custom bottle. My packaging came with three big bottles. The first one was the face wash, the second one was the custom formula for my skin, and the third one was a moisturizer for my skin. It took about two to three weeks for me to start seeing results. Let me say that the results were excellent! It was getting rid of my dark spots and even helping my dark bags under my eyes. After those three weeks, I submitted photos of my skin so my next formula could be made. It was amazing to see the results. The app is straightforward. You have a professional answering your questions at all times. You can even adjust how often you get the products. If you are about to run out, you can move your shipping date closer but push your shipment back if you have leftovers. I recommend you try Curology out. They have a free offer, including all three formulas and just a shipping cost that is $4.95. You will not regret this purchase, I promise you!

Garnier Serum Cream

Just like many of you, my Tiktok has been filled with Garnier Serum Cream reviews. I just knew I had to try it out. I went out and got the Garnier Labs Pinea-C Brightening Serum Cream SPF. Let me tell you how surprised I was with this product. It includes SPF 30 and Vitamin-C and a moisturizer all in one! It is a gentle and refreshing scent. I love the packaging, and it is made of recycled materials. I have realized that it works great under makeup, just like a primer. The application is smooth and has a light consistency it is very moisturizing. This is an ideal product for someone looking for convenience and who does not want to purchase multiple products. I believe you guys should go try it out!

Water 101

Drinking a sufficient amount of water daily is very important for overall good health. This is because water helps in digestion, absorption, circulation, and even excretion. It would be best if you were drinking at least eight water glasses a day, which will help rid the body and skin of toxins. Not everyone will agree that drinking water will help your skin, but it certainly can help. Many people, including myself, will argue that consuming more water your skin shoes a more radiant glow. People who suffer from acne often say that increasing water intake does give you a more radiant, healthy complexion. Remember, nothing will happen overnight, but you can see how hydration can affect your skin in just a couple of weeks!