Dec 4

Weekly Blog 12/4

Steel Panther’s New Song is a Great Laugh

Steel Panther announced that they have been forced to postpone their “Gobblefest” live stream show that was occurring this weekend, and subsequently released a new song along with the announcement. The song, titled “Fuck 2020” pretty much sums up how everyone feels about this year. Read more

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Nov 27

Weekly Blog 11/27

Get Ready to KISS 2020 Goodbye

On December 31, legendary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band KISS will be sending off the awful year that was 2020 in the best way: by live streaming the biggest virtual concert of the year. The event will be filmed in 4K with more than 50 cameras and 360-degree views and also features a world record setting pyrotechnics show. Read more


Nov 20

Weekly Blog 11/20

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To Satisfy Your Concert Cravings

There hasn’t been much happening in the realm of rock this week so this week’s blog is going to be a bit different. If you’re sitting at home wishing you could be out at a concert for your favorite band, you’re in luck because the next best thing is right at your fingertips. There are a ton of really good concerts recorded on YouTube, Spotify, etc. and I’m going to link some of my favorite full concerts I’ve seen. Read more

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Nov 13

Weekly Blog 11/13

Pop Evil Releases New Single For Upcoming Album Versatile

Hard rock band, Pop Evil, have just released a fiery new single, titled “Breathe Again” in preparation of their upcoming new album, Versatile. Guitars with heavy distortion and a chorus with a high vocal range dominate this song and make it a perfect single for the band’s upcoming sixth album. Read more


Nov 6

Weekly Blog 11/6

System Of A Down Releases First New Music in 15 Years

System Of A Down have just released two new songs, “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz.” These songs are the first new songs that System Of A Down have created since 2005 when the band decided to take a break from recording and touring. “Protect The Land” has already reached #6 on Trending on YouTube while “Genocidal Humanoidz” has reached #10. This is a pleasant surprise for listeners of SOAD, however the main reason for these new releases is not the most pleasant. Read more

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Oct 30

Weekly Blog 10/30

Rob Zombie Drops Spooky New Single a Day Before Halloween

Rob Zombie has just released a new single titled “The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition).” This is Zombie’s first new song in over four years, since the 2016 album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser.
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Oct 23

Weekly Blog 10/23

Hard Rock Spotlight: Saul

For this week’s blog, I want to focus on a newer upstart band called Saul who just released an album today. The band, who are based out of Iowa, did a couple small projects in 2019, but this is their first full album. Titled Rise As Equals, this album, and the band itself, seems to favor hard rock and alt-metal songs. Read more


Oct 16

Weekly Blog 10/16

2021 Rock Fest Lineup Announced


2020 has been a sad and unfortunate year for touring rock bands. The COVID-19 pandemic caused almost all of the hard rock concerts of the year to be postponed until a later date or cancelled altogether. Even the biggest rock festivals of the year were cancelled, leaving so many hard rock fans heartbroken. However, things may be starting to look up for 2021. Rock Fest was just announced as one of the first big rock festivals of next year to have dates and a lineup set. Read more

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Oct 9

Weekly Blog 10/9

Linkin Park Share Stories of Chester, Band’s Legacy, Advice to New Musicians in Fan Q&A

Linkin Park celebrates the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Hybrid Theory, with a one-time only global stream event that they’ve called “Q&A With Linkin Park + Projekt Revolution 2002.” In their first group interview since 2017, they answered questions from fans, shared their favorite memories of [lead singer] Chester Bennington, offered advice to aspiring musicians, and much more. Then to top it off, they streamed a previously recorded (but never publicly released) full concert from their Projekt Revolution tour in 2002. Read more

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Oct 2

Weekly Blog 10/2

Linkin Park Release Demo Version of 2000’s hit ‘In The End’

Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory, turns 20 years old this year on October 24 and to celebrate, they just released a demo version of “In the End” that was previously only available in very low quality on YouTube or to fans who bought the LP Underground 11 album. Read more

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