Some Of My Favorite Recently Thrifted Pieces.

I have always been a huge fan of thrifting because I think it’s so fun how you can find such unique pieces for your wardrobe for such a small price. Many of the items in my closet are thrifted due to me being a college student who loves clothes. Unfortunately those two don’t tie in together well when you don’t have a lot of money. I recommend thrifting to all of you reading, because finding something unique for such a good price puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Recently, I have been going thrift-crazy. I have designated Fridays as my thrift days (for means of self care duh). I have found a lot of cool items and I want to show you just a few of my favorites.

May I introduce to you, my favorite jeans of all time. I thrifted these Tommy Hilfiger jeans from Plato’s closet for $15. I didn’t like how long they were, so I cut them to ankle length and frayed the bottoms. This turned them into the most amazing high waisted straight leg ankle jeans I’ve ever owned. They fit great and the style is very on trend right now. LOVE!!
The picture does not do this adorable bubblegum pink sweater justice. It’s a vibrant and very well made sweater that I found new with tags for only $3!! I know it’s not everyone’s style but I wear it open or buttoned just on the top like it’s shown here with a tank top layered underneath and it adds such a nice pop of color for the spring time.
This bodysuit is probably one of the most vintage items I have found yet. I would assume from my knowledge it’s probably from the 90s? The tags are so frayed and worn I can’t even tell where it’s originally from but guys, this bodysuit is gorgeous. It’s black velvet but the sleeves are a stretchy material with a hibiscus flower print. It’s so unique and such a cool find.
I just found this tank on my most recent thrifting trip. It’s a coral lace tank that I think will look gorgeous layered for the spring time. I’m really excited to find ways to style this piece.
Three trends in one bag: brown, patchwork, and baguette bags. All of those three things have been insane trends that I have seen this past winter. I thought it was such a fun find. However, have I worn it once? No. Will I wear it one day? Probably? Although this may not be my personal style I am still holding onto it because I can’t believe I found something so unique to add to my collection.
This necklace!!! I also found this on my most recent thrifting trip. It’s a gold necklace with these interesting clumps of pearls throughout. I find it so unique and I know I will be wearing it a lot.

There are a few honorable mentions that are not clothing so they don’t really go with the post, but I am just so excited about them and want to show you :))

The warmer months are quickly approaching and I have been in search of a picnic basket so I can go on picnics with my friends. I found this HUGE one for, you wouldn’t believe it, $5! It’s in perfect condition and has a fabric red and white checkered lining inside. This is probably my favorite thrift find ever.
I have another gold mirrored tray like this that I got off of amazon for $20, so I was so surprised to find this one for $3.99. I will most likely use it to set perfumes, essential oils, etc. on. Its gold on the outside and the base is a mirror. What a fun find!


  • samsonar20

    I loved looking at your thrift finds! A lot of them reminded me of things I have found before but still different. I love that thrift stores always give you something unique. I have been thinking about geting a picnic basket recently and am hoping to find one at a thrfit store!

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