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Gold Glove Winners 2019

Fits like a glove doesn’t it? Ha ha, get it? Rawlings and Major League Baseball announced the Gold Glove winners for 2019 on Sunday November 3rd.

A great majority of the winners have won the coveted Gold Glove multiple times. Some of the athletes who won, I am surprised did, but that may just be coming from my bias against some of the nominees who were obviously nominated. *cough* *cough* Yadier Molina.

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Here is a synopsis of the 2019 Gold Glove winners: both from the National and American league.

National League

For the Arizona Diamondbacks, pitcher Zack Greinke won his sixth gold glove for the 2019 season and the Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto won his first gold glove for the 2019 season. First basemen for the Cubs Anthony Rizzo, won his third, Kolten Wong for the Cardinals won his fist for second base and Diamondbacks Nick Ahmed won his second for shortstop. Lorenzo Cain won one for centerfield, Cody Bellinger (RIP Dodgers) won for right-field, and David Peralta for left-field.

American League

Pitcher Mike Leake won for the Mariners, Roberto Perez won his first as a catcher and Matt Olson won his second for his position as a first basemen. Yolmer Sanchez won for second base, Francisco Lindor (2) for shortstop and Matt Chapman for third base. For outfielders, Kevin Kiermaier won for centerfield and Mookie Betts won his fourth for the Red Sox.

Outfielder Alex Gordon and third basemen Nolan Arenado both won a gold glove award for the seventh time.

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