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The Harpies and The Busybody

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10th, 2022 by Eric Appleton

Our production of “The Harpies” and “Signor Deluso” closed a couple weeks ago and we’re now about to open Dancescapes. I finally sorted through half of my photos from the final dress rehearsal, and here are a few of them:

First, the pre-show announcement, made by the Argonauts:

The Harpies harass Phineas and steal his food:

The Argonauts arrive and Phineas convinces them to protect his lunch:

The Argonauts confronting the Harpies. Or rather, the Harpies confronting the Argonauts:

Iris restores order, and the Argonauts and Harpies head off to their respective destinations:

While the students and our Tech Director have been busy with Dancescapes. I’ve been finishing up designs for “The Busybody,” our final show of the year. Here is the SketchUp model, as I presented to the team at our first production meeting:

The set serves both interior and exteriors, with the interior scenes being played downstage. The furniture visible in the model come and go as needed; they’re not present throughout, as the downstage area also serves as the street.

And, since we’re working on models in Advanced Design Seminar, I thought it’d be a good thing to start construction on a presentational model of the set, since it’s always good to have finished examples of what you wish the students to aim toward. Here are some of the bits, with a first coat of gesso: