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On the Verge

Posted in Scenic Design on May 12th, 2016 by Eric Appleton

At our “On the Verge” production meeting today I presented the virtual model at its current state. I’m finding that with the irregular shapes and slightly off angles, as well as needing to leave 9″ of clearance along the wall for the mirror covers, a lot of odd shifting happened to the measurements. Now that I’m this far along on the modelling, I find I have to go back and pretty much re-draft most of what I thought I was done with.

Public Enemy

Posted in Scenic Design on May 11th, 2016 by Eric Appleton

It finals week! “The Tangled Skirt” and “Yankee Tavern” are off the drafting table and delivered to the technical director. “On the Verge” is 80% drafted and now I need to start thinking more about the individual props and set elements for our production meeting tomorrow. Here’s a photo of an image I’ve worked up for “Public Enemy,” our third show of the Fall. Now I have something to pitch to the director. . .

On the Verge

Posted in Scenic Design on May 6th, 2016 by Eric Appleton

As I commence drafting the detail plates for “On the Verge,” I wasn’t sure if I had posted the rough experimental model I’d worked up a few weeks ago. So here it is:

This is the first show of our Fall season, but we try to get as much settled and done before we end the Spring semester. That way, we can walk into the shops in the Fall and get right to work on the first shows.

The Tangled Skirt and Yankee Tavern

Posted in Scenic Design on May 3rd, 2016 by Eric Appleton

In between interviewing Technical Director candidates, I’m still working on final versions of “The Tangled Skirt” and “Yankee Tavern” for our Summeround productions.

The “The Tangled Skirt” image now reflects the use of some furniture pieces that we will scavenge from around the building:

“Yankee Tavern” has reached a state of completion. There will be much more clutter and distressing, and I have to finish drafting the bar back, but here it is:

As soon as that’s done, I need to go back to “On the Verge” drawings. . .