Subbing In League 3/29

Over spring break I wanted to take a break from bowling to just relax and enjoy my break even more. I only practiced once over break and then I subbed in a league on Thursday. I actually bowled really well as I shot 724 which is about a 242 average for 3 games. Even though I struck a lot I missed 2 make able spares and it was rather frustrating. I have been struggling with my spares lately and I have worked on them all the time just it isn’t going well within competition.

I don’t have anything coming up within the next couple of weeks but I know I will continue to practice and work on my spares. I was afraid after taking a week off that my game would have been really bad and would have to work super hard to get it back but once I started to throw the ball I was fine. I started to figure stuff out rather quickly and it was great. Normally when I take time out if takes me a couple days to really get back to where I was and even lessons sometimes. Hopefully I get my spares back in line so I can feel more comfortable bowling in events and really start to try and make some money bowling.

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