Spring Break!

So this weekend starts spring break and I am torn between what I want to do and how much bowling I want to do while I am home. Obviously I bowled well over the weekend and I want to continue to bowl well but I am taking just a slight break as I am just kinda tired of bowling. Since it is spring break and it should be warmer out I plan on playing some golf with my dad and get back into golf again. I have been practicing golf a lot on the side just to keep a little break between bowling and school. I don’t know if I will be bowling a lot over break but I know I will practice some.

Most of my bowling over break will probably just be practice and not actually bowling for competition or anything competitive. Like I said I will be playing a lot more golf and working on my golf game instead of bowling. I decided over the last weekend to re drill a ball just because I didn’t like the shape and also put some new grips in my ball. I will probably have less practices but work super hard and work maybe longer. I might do some lessons over break just to get the little things within my game away and gone.

This weekend I will probably talk about something that most people that don’t follow bowling would realize. Bowling is a game of science almost and the game is very difficult because the object is to knock down the most pins but the thing you have to go up against is the lane. Not to many sports you can say that the thing that is in the way of you scoring is invisible. The oil is constantly changing and you may get a piece of paper that shows you the pattern that is being laid out but the lane, how long the oil has been sitting, what machine, what oil was use, and much much more.

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