New USBC Rules

The new rules that the USBC have came out with have a very interesting feel for the new bowling world in 2020. They are trying to limit the amount of oil that can absorbed into a ball during testing. Normally a bowling ball that is stronger will absorb oil faster to make the ball last a little longer. They haven’t specified the numbers for the public and I don’t think they will publicizes them just because its more for the companies that produce balls and not so much the consumers.

The big change is static weight and weight holes for bowling balls. In bowling you are allowed 1oz of static weight. Anything higher than 1oz is illegal and normally you would and a weight hole to make it legal. A lot of bowling balls nowadays people are adding holes to make the ball hook even more. The USBC is making that illegal because it changes the integrity of the ball too much. Instead of just 1oz they are changing it to 3oz of side weight/ static weight.

The weight hole for me makes the ball hook earlier depending on the location and it can make my ball hook more. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that the cover of the ball is most of the reaction and changing the core dynamics will change the motion but not as much. Surface of a ball is 95% of the reaction of a bowling ball. You can drill 4 balls the same way with the same everything but the surface of the ball is different and the ball will react different. The changes will make a huge difference in bowling especially for the 2 handed delivery.

2 handed bowlers are taking over the sport and the amount of power and revolutions they create is just insane. The USBC is trying to limit the amount the oil breaks down within a league or tournament. It is sad that they are trying to limit such gifted players to the sport. 2 handed bowling isn’t easy and it takes a lot of athleticism to be good at that style.

The sport is always evolving but it seems like that the USBC is traveling back in time and trying to make the sport harder. The weights will make a difference for a lot of bowlers but they don’t seem to think it will change. My thinking of the changes is that bowlers will use a lot more surface and stronger equipment a lot longer.

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