Final Post

Throughout this project I have written a lot of post and have shared a lot about my personal bowling. I have shared a lot about my bowling knowledge and have really enjoyed talking about my personal bowling. I think being able to talk about my bowling and share my insight to bowling is really fun. I feel like I know a lot about the game of bowling and being able to express my opinions and share my knowledge is amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to bowl in awhile but I will be practicing in the summer a lot to get ready for next year.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed that read my post and maybe you learned a few things as well. Everything I have posted during this semester has opened my mind up to becoming a coach. I really enjoy being in the bowling alley and being around bowling. I haven’t enjoyed bowling for myself for a few years so hopefully this summer will turn things around and make bowling more enjoyable. I hope everyone learned something during my semester long posts and I hope that you all can continue and want to learn more about the sport and help grow this sport.

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