Practice on 4/23

Had another great practice and learned some new things within my game. I decided to take a video over the weekend and sent it to my dad. He saw that my footwork was a little off and I decided to fix that. I am a 5 step approach and my dad noticed in the video that my first 2 steps were on and it was throwing my timing off. I generally have a very smooth slow footwork for a tall person and a lot of college coaches have complimented me on that. Footwork is one of the biggest issues for most people because if your steps are off then when you get to the line the ball can be in so many different positions. My first 2 steps were too big and it made me cramped at the foul line. What I mean by that is when I was done sliding the ball was near my shoulder and I had to pull down to be able to get the ball down the lane. When you pull down on the ball your accuracy immediately goes down. Typically when I am late I get a lot of revolutions(spin) on the ball and I miss my target left.

I decided to move up on the approach for a little to force myself to keep my steps shorter but once I got my steps super short I went back to the old spot I stand. This just makes me feel like my steps are shorter and forces me to be slow and short to the line. Once I got my timing more in sync I was able to throw really good shots and started to hit my target more often. My spare game has increased as well from the last time I shot at spares. I started to make more and hit the pin directly in the middle like I use to. Tune in to this weekend for more bowling information!

An interesting practice

The other day I had a rather interesting practice session. I haven’t touched a ball in about a week and I really didn’t find a need to go practice. The need and drive to go practice isn’t there right now and I am just really focused on school currently. To start the practice session was just terrible the first half hour, but once I calmed down and just focused on my fundamentals I started to throw it better. I am not even close to where I want to be but I am at a better spot than I was Thursday when I bowled.

Although I scored really well on Thursday I honestly didn’t throw it that good. My shoulders and my arm swing were so out of tune it was insane. My roll on the ball was so bad and I just got lucky that night. I was lucky that I was in the right part of the lane and throwing it decent enough that I could hit the pocket. I started to throw it better once I calmed down and got some games under my belt. The main thing I need to work on is just my swing and my shoulders within my game.

This weekend I will be talking about some bowling information. I will be talking about the difference between college bowling and high school bowling. I will talk about how big of a change it was for me and how it is a completely different animal. Tune into this weekend to hear my side of the story for how I transitioned from high school to college.

Subbing In League 3/29

Over spring break I wanted to take a break from bowling to just relax and enjoy my break even more. I only practiced once over break and then I subbed in a league on Thursday. I actually bowled really well as I shot 724 which is about a 242 average for 3 games. Even though I struck a lot I missed 2 make able spares and it was rather frustrating. I have been struggling with my spares lately and I have worked on them all the time just it isn’t going well within competition.

I don’t have anything coming up within the next couple of weeks but I know I will continue to practice and work on my spares. I was afraid after taking a week off that my game would have been really bad and would have to work super hard to get it back but once I started to throw the ball I was fine. I started to figure stuff out rather quickly and it was great. Normally when I take time out if takes me a couple days to really get back to where I was and even lessons sometimes. Hopefully I get my spares back in line so I can feel more comfortable bowling in events and really start to try and make some money bowling.