About Me and the Blog

Hello my name is Andrew Mullikin, I am a junior attending Wisconsin Whitewater. I am originally from Michigan but decided to attend Whitewater because of the specific degree I was going for and I was also recruited to bowl and attend this school. You may wonder and ask what this blog is about and this blog is meant to be an information page on how our bowling team is doing and even some current news in the bowling world. I may talk about my own bowling that goes on within the week and talk about how our practices are ran and how well that practice was for me.  Like I said before I was recruited to bowl for Whitewater and help our team win a national championship. You may wonder why you should even read or listen to what I have to say, what even qualifies me to talk about this subject? I have been bowling my entire life and I have been coached by some of the top coaches to walk this planet, I also have been to plenty of coaching clinics with pros and gold level coaches. I was also recruited by some of the top schools in the nation to bowl for them and was offered a good amount of money off tuition to bowl for them. My knowledge on the sport is very modern and very up to date about all the changes within the bowling world. I follow all of the major brand companies within the bowling world so I have a good knowledge about bowling balls that are coming out and our school is sponsored by one of the biggest brands in bowling. With us being sponsored we get knowledge about new bowling balls early so I will be able to find out the specs on the bowling ball and give good insight on the ball. I hope you enjoy all of the knowledge that I have and will appreciate all criticism to make sure I bring the best content for my viewers. Thank you for viewing my blog and I hope you enjoy the content that I produce!