Sean Yonan Weekend Recap!

Well it was a packed full weekend of bowling and hanging out with some great people. Friday was a celebrity baker tournament and my team ended up qualifying in the lower division and ended up winning all of our matches and won the tournament. I threw the ball okay all day Friday and it wasn’t a serious tournament it was just to donate money to the cause and the event.

Saturday was a different event and was all singles all day. I dug a major hole in the first game and was dead last in the first game. I shot 124 but then proceeded to find a look and my repeat ability was so good. like I said I shot 124 but then proceeded to shoot 267,250,212,221 to go 150 over for the last 4 to get me at +74 to make the cut. It was the first time I have made the cut in a singles event in awhile and it felt good to make it. I bowled my teammate Josh and the pair was so messed up that neither of us had a look and both struggled. He ended up beating me but I won 135$ and had a lot of fun while bowling.

Today I bowled the adult tournament and it didn’t go so well the first 3 games. I struggled to repeat a shot and my look wasn’t great all day. I ended up finishing -25 which is a lot better than what I was the first 3. I shot back to back 230 games to get myself to -25 so I will take that number instead of what I had.

I had a great weekend bowling and hanging out with friends. Also bowling and giving money to the family for a good cause is always worth it no matter how good or bad I bowl. It was a great weekend and I look forward to it next year as we do it all over again.

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