Sean Yonan Memorial

This weekend I am back in action again and bowling one of the biggest youth tournaments in the US. Other than Nationals for Jr. Gold this tournament is one of the biggest around. This tournament gives out thousands of dollars a year to one person who wins the tournament. Friday will be a celebrity event and we will all bowl with pros during certain frames. Saturday is either a youth or college event and depending on your age you will be put into a certain area. They both give out lots of money and it is one of the best weekends ever. Sunday will be a adult event and yet again they hand out lots of money.

Last year I missed Sunday’s cash spot by 1 pin and it really opened my mind and made me realize what is really important within bowling. This year I want to make cut in both events and bowl rather well. Since I haven’t been bowling well in events recently and its rather frustrating. This event is an amazing event and it is for a great cause for this family.

This event is held every year to raise money for a family that lost their father. All the money goes towards the kids for college and they hand out some as well. Winning isn’t just about the money but it is the pride of winning a prestigious event. I practiced this last Sunday and today, yet again I feel prepared and ready for the tournament but lets just hope that the pins fall my way this weekend.

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