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Midwest US SWIP at Central APA

Look for us on the program–for details regarding presenters, check out the additions & changes to the program.


We’ve added another blog to our blog roll

Recommended by Sally Haslanger on SWIP-L and other lists, the blog is called “Philosophical Spaces.”

Here is the first paragraph of their “about” statement:

This is a blog that discusses and advises people about how to make the climate in their philosophy department and other professional spaces more hospitable.  Some have argued that the norms of behavior in philosophy departments are part of what explains why Anglophone philosophy is not as diverse as other disciplines in the academy.  We are sympathetic to this hypothesis, but also believe that an inhospitable environment is bad for everyone and does not produce the best philosophy.

If you come across other blogs we should link to, or other suggestions for our blog, drop me an email.  Thanks~~

–Crista Lebens, Webster