Golf in 2022

Today, golf is one of the most versatile sports out there. To make it to the PGA tour is one of the hardest things in sports. Each year there are 50 tour cards given out. The top 25 scorers make the “top 25 list,” while the other 25 compete in various Korn Ferry Tour events to try and make the cut. To put this into perspective 1 in 16,468 players make the tour. That is .006% shot at making it.

Not only is making the PGA tour extremely difficult, but then once you make it you have to perform. If you are not in the top 20 for earnings you are loosing money playing the game of golf. The PGA doesn’t pay for anything related to the players. The player pay for their caddies, transportation, hotels, food, everything you could think of.

Now don’t get me wrong, players like Bryson and Bubba and Tiger, they are making millions and millions of dollars. The majority of their cash comes from sponsorships. The only time players make an absurd amount of money is for events like the US Open or the Masters or the PGA Championship. Typically the US Open’s purse is around $15 million. If you are not familiar with the meaning of “purse” it means that the players split the total amount depending on where you land the the scoreboard.

All in all, the sport of golf is super interesting. I love learning about how it works from the inside. Some of us only know what we see on tv. Which is old guys playing at beautiful courses getting paid extremely well to play a sport that looks rather simple. In this blog you will learn that golf is much much more than a hobby.

2 thoughts on “Golf in 2022”

  1. Wow, that is insane that players don’t earn profit unless they are a top 20 player in terms of success. It’s actually ridiculous seeing that only 0.006% of players make the PGA Tour. That is an insanely small amount of players and the costs that add up for these golfers to play at an elite level is so much for such a small opportunity to make real profit based on sponsorships and more.

  2. I find the cost of clubs to be the most interesting part of golf. Cool to see how much they charge for a stick with some metal on it. I know its way more then that but in general.

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