How to fix your golf swing

In today’s world there are hundreds and hundreds of resources to help fix your golf swing. From Youtube, to golf websites, to PGA professionals. The only thing I have found that is holding people back is themselves.

The golf swing has many different components, but can be simplified by breaking it down. I will go over with you the main points in the golf swing and how to fix bad habits.

First, the set up. Depending on what iron you are hitting will determine where the ball should be positioned. But for most cases, directly in the middle of your feet will do fine. Now that you have the ball in the right spot you must determine how far away you are from the ball. You should stand to where you arms just hang down naturally. You aren’t pushing them forward or pulling them in. Then, whenever you find that spot position your feet and hinge at the hips.

Second, the take back. After you have gotten into the right set up the first thing you do is obviously take the club back. For most beginners, the best take back is to make sure the club head goes directly backwards. What I like to do is place a second ball right behind the club head. Then, take something you can lay on the ground about 10 inches behind it. In your take back the second ball should roll directly into whatever it is you put on the ground. This shows you that you are taking the club back completely straight.

Lastly, the down swing. So far, you have the right set up, the right take back, and now the club should be at the top of its arch. An important thing to keep in mind is to only take back the club as far as you can rotate your shoulders. Over doing this step will lead to mishits and poor contact. Once you are at the top you want to imagine the club swinging from in to out. Imagine you are cutting down a tree with an axe. Do that kind of swing just tilted towards the ball.

The most important thing I have learned since I started golf was this:

“Swinging harder doesn’t mean you are hitting better. I have played with some guys in their 80’s and yeah I can hit it 50 yards further than them, but when they hit their balls it lands in the same spot, and the same distance every time. And guess what they beat me by 10 strokes every round.”

-Unnamed guy at the driving range

How to improve your golf game

There are many different ways to improve your game of golf. The most popular in 2022 is internet videos.

Today, we have a tool that golfers before us didn’t. Today, we have YouTube. On this platform there are countless of creators who are solely making videos on how to improve your game.

For example, one of my favorite golf improvement creators is Top Speed Golf. Clay Ballard is a PGA pro who makes very informational videos. I like this channel because he goes over mistakes that most beginners make and how to fix or avoid them.

Since I started golfing I have learned many different habits that I didn’t know were harmful to my game. For example, when a player sways backwards in his take back or dips his head at the top of his backswing.

The golf swing is all about finding the right way to do it and doing it every single time. In most cases, it takes a lot of finesse. The biggest tip I could give to new players is to research golf videos. Watch instructional videos and see what mistakes you too are making.

Beyond that, the biggest tips I ever received was to keep my body aligned. In your golf swing you want to keep your head in the same place as the start of the swing. You want your sternum to stay above the ball (not swaying backwards). You want your shoulders to have a 90 degree turn at the top. But most of all you want to keep your eye on the golf ball.

It’s kind of like baseball, in baseball they say “watch the ball hit the bat,” in golf it’s “watch the club hit the ball.”

Golf is a game of inches not miles. It takes time but the coolest part about the sport is knowing that when you start you can only get better and better.

The biggest comeback in sports history

Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer who has ever lived. Most people say what he did on Augusta in April of 2019 was the greatest comeback in sports history.

Previously, Tiger had gone through four back surgeries and personal scandals that lead him to rock bottom. Tiger hadn’t won a major in quite some time. The world thought it was over for Tiger Woods. Most people would have given up. Most people would have been content with what they accomplished and retired.

Not Tiger. Your talking about a man who won the U.S. Open in 2008 with a fractured knee. Keep in mind, the U.S. Open is one of the hardest courses in all of majors golf. He didn’t care. He wanted to win so badly that he did whatever it took.

Leading up to the 2019 Masters tournament Tiger had surprised the world by having back-to-back top six finishes at the British Open and PGA Championship. This gave him a shot at another Major trophy.

Nobody thought that he had a shot in the Masters tournament. With all the new up and coming players most people thought there was no shot. But Tiger did what Tiger does best. He decided he wanted to win.

Tiger Woods went on to shoot: 70 R1, 68 R2, 67 R3, 70 R4. For a total score of 13 under par. He did what he desired to do. All he wanted in those moments was to be a winner, and a winner and champion he once again became.