How Golf has changed.

The sport of golf has been around since the 15th century. If you were playing golf back then, you would have been using wooden clubs hitting a leather ball filled with feathers. This stayed the same up until the 1850’s.

In the past 150 years golf has changed dramatically, more so in the past 20 years. Today the average player uses cavity back metal irons with huge metal woods and steel shafts. This caused golf statistics to increase over the past 20 years. Today people are hitting the ball farther and farther. Today, an average golfer is better than the best golfer 150 years ago.

There are a lot of factors why golfers are getting better and better. Some experts believe that it is all about the ball. The golf ball has a spin rate cap, meaning it can’t spin too much causing it to go farther. The more the ball spins the farther it goes. Having dimples on the ball make it so the ball pierces through the air hitting against it.

Everything about golf is about getting faster and better. The reason why so many people love the sport is because you can always get better. Today we have the technology to see the real time numbers of our golf game. These numbers explain why your shots look the way they do. In the past 10 years the average ball speed has gone from 98mph to 118mph. This means that the equipment is getting lighter and stronger.

In the coming blogs I will tell you all about the game of golf. Some things that I have learned since starting the sport. You may find that golf is a lot more interesting than you had assumed.

Sawyer Beth 2/18/2022

5 thoughts on “How Golf has changed.”

  1. Hi Sawyer! I can relate so much to this as I used to swim and that impacted my life so much. I have never been interested in golf much but I’m excited to learn more and read about it. Nice post!

  2. I am not very familiar with the history of golf so it’s very interesting to hear about how the sport came to be and how it has transformed. As someone who is new to golf, I cannot wait to see what kind of posts you generate and I’m excited to see how I can level up my gameplay.

  3. I found this post to be very informative on golf since I will admit, I know nothing about it. I did not know about all of the history behind it, but it is interesting that the ball used to be made of leather and filled with feathers. I am excited to learn more about golf throughout your blog since it is something I am unfamiliar with.

  4. Hey Sawar,
    Great read! I would try to get rid or some of the run on sentences. Also where are the citations for this?
    Lets make the next post a little bit better than the last!!

  5. Hi Sawyer! I just got into my golf game and just got new clubs and I am super excited to go to the driving range more often as well as do a 9-hole course. This was very informative and great information to know!

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