How to improve your golf game

There are many different ways to improve your game of golf. The most popular in 2022 is internet videos.

Today, we have a tool that golfers before us didn’t. Today, we have YouTube. On this platform there are countless of creators who are solely making videos on how to improve your game.

For example, one of my favorite golf improvement creators is Top Speed Golf. Clay Ballard is a PGA pro who makes very informational videos. I like this channel because he goes over mistakes that most beginners make and how to fix or avoid them.

Since I started golfing I have learned many different habits that I didn’t know were harmful to my game. For example, when a player sways backwards in his take back or dips his head at the top of his backswing.

The golf swing is all about finding the right way to do it and doing it every single time. In most cases, it takes a lot of finesse. The biggest tip I could give to new players is to research golf videos. Watch instructional videos and see what mistakes you too are making.

Beyond that, the biggest tips I ever received was to keep my body aligned. In your golf swing you want to keep your head in the same place as the start of the swing. You want your sternum to stay above the ball (not swaying backwards). You want your shoulders to have a 90 degree turn at the top. But most of all you want to keep your eye on the golf ball.

It’s kind of like baseball, in baseball they say “watch the ball hit the bat,” in golf it’s “watch the club hit the ball.”

Golf is a game of inches not miles. It takes time but the coolest part about the sport is knowing that when you start you can only get better and better.

2 thoughts on “How to improve your golf game”

  1. As someone that is new to golf, this is very helpful. The few times I have golfed I have been taught very similar tips. I played baseball when I was younger and so having that idea of watching the club rather than the ball is so different. Keeping your body aligned is so awkward at first but has gotten more normal the more I golf. I can’t wait to see other tips on how to improve my game and I’ll definitely check out Clay Ballard!

  2. I just started my golf game last summer and have been very diligent with my drivers but have not used my irons, wedges, and my putters much. Looking on Youtube to help with my golf game will definitely help me a lot this summer with golfing. Hopefully, I can improve this summer!

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