Where’s the Beef?

Getting food on a college campus never seems to be as easy as it sounds. Sure, you’ve got Esker and Drumlin to check out for your first few weeks on campus. However, if you’re like I am and get bored of eating the same thing, you’ve come to just the right spot to find out the best spots to use your meal plan on campus.

The Olive – Campus’s best attempt at a bar atmosphere is one of my go-to places to eat. You’ve just got to make sure it’s after 2 p.m. which is when they start accepting MyMeals.  They have things like burgers, fries and gyros, and the quality of the food is good compared to other options on campus. It’s a good place to grab a bite and go, or to stop and sit down. There is a stage near the seating which is usually occupied by local acts. I’ve seen magic shows, talent shows, and a friend’s band play here. Fellas, it’s also probably the best place on campus to take a girl for a date.

Ike Schaffer – The IHOP of campus. Ike Schaffer commons is the go to breakfast spot for Warhawks. Also located in the UC, Ike Schaffer’s breakfast is made by UC Catering, and it’s all-you-can-eat style. Usually they serve eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage but I’ve gotten breakfast burritos and some really great coffee cake there as well. This option is perfect for stopping by before your 8 am (or 9:30) to start your day off right.

Food Truck – The best place to eat on campus if you want to sit outside! Located on Wyman Pedestrian Mall between Hyland and the UC, the Food Truck’s unique menu makes it worth a stop any time they’re open – which is the hardest part about getting Food Truck food. The truck is only open on some days, and closes for winter. It’s not open if the weather is poor either. The food truck isn’t a meal I count on, but sometimes if I’m on the way from the UC to Drumlin I only make it as far as the huge purple truck.

There are plenty of food options on campus, especially if you are willing to search beyond the dining halls. There’s even a new restaurant called Chilaca that i’m DYING to try. Keep looking for ways to stay on top of your health. I hope you reach your fitness goals

Ethan Maurice

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