Savor Summer Memories

            Memories play a huge part in how we make sense, cope and react to the others around us in the world. Summer is typically the time when most of us make those ever lasting memories and as always, it comes and goes so fast Warhawks! We have only a couple weeks left till school starts and for most of us, we are trying to soak up the last bits of summer moments we can. We are trying to savor these memories, moments and the last days of summer before we have to head back to reality. Remembering these memories or moments can help with mind positivity. Breaking out of a negative cycle or emotions by recalling the good times and good memories in your life can help improve your mental health. Below are some tips and steps on how you can enjoy and savor these memories when back at school.

  1. Decorate your room with pictures you took during the summer of the moments or people that made it amazing and put it on display.
  2. Create a photo album of all the people and memories you created.
  3. Write down that moment or memory to remember how it made you feel. Putting good memories to paper can help it become more concrete and real. When reading those memories you will look and think back on all those amazing experiences and the positivity they made you feel.
  4. Keep the Keepsakes like concert tickets, photos, souvenirs, etc.
  5. Make more memories in those same spots.
  6. Create new memories somewhere else.
  7. Let people know how those memories affected you.
  8. Talk about those memories often.

It is important that the more positive memories we have will be associate with better health and well-being. Everyone needs to create their own happiness to remember back on when times get tough or moments seem harder than others. We need to keep these memories not just for our own health benefits, but we remember all the good times we had this summer. I hope everyone has an awesome rest of their summer and I can’t wait to see everyone new and old back at the Dub! Bleed Purple Warhawks, and soak up the rest of this summer as much as you can!

Start strong, finish stronger

Emma O’Connor


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