Healthy Choices For Festivals

Healthy Choices For Festival-Goers This SummerHealthyChoicesforfestivals image

One of the best parts about summer is the ongoing festivals, fairs, and town block parties that allow you to soak up the nice weather with your closest friends and family. It is undeniable that these types of get-togethers always seem to have the TASTIEST treats on Earth. Although those deep fried, buttery dripping snacks seem so appealing to the eye and mind, it isn’t the best choice for our bodies and even our wallets. In most cases, fair-food is tremendously high in calories and generally way overpriced. Fairs are a great family activity for the summer months, so I am not discouraging you to attend, however, I will give you some tips in order to keep calorie intakes at a healthy level along with saving a few extra dollars on the side.


  1. The Pre-Meal

Before you and the family depart for the nearest festival, enjoy a normal dinner/lunch you would eat on a regular day. By doing so, your body will be filled with a ton of energy for walking around and helping your belly resist those greasy temptations. Also, this is a much cheaper option; as a feeding a whole family at a summer event like these can cost you anywhere from 50-100 dollars.



You may be wondering how water can help you resist snacking all day at the fair. Staying hydrated is one of the oldest tricks in the book to keeping your appetite down. Not only is water an essential ingredient for almost all the organs in our body, but it can suppress those hunger temptations even longer.


  1. Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Although fairs are usually filled with unhealthy options, it doesn’t mean that all options are bad. Observe all the possible food options and locate the healthiest ones. Many fairs and festivals are notorious for involving local farmer’s markets. With that said, dive into the greatness of some fresh fruits and vegetables they may have to offer.


Like I said earlier, spending time with loved ones at fairs this summer is a great opportunity to enjoy the weather, so don’t hesitate to appreciate what they have to offer. However, don’t neglect some of the things could have a negative impact on your health and wallets. It really can be easy to have a great time this summer while resisting those crazy food temptations, trust me, it can be done.



|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


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