Benefits of Aromatherapy

oilsWe know that our environment contributes to our mood and overall well-being. Our surroundings play a huge part in our health. But what is it about the simple light of a candle that can turn your night of drowning in a ten page research paper into a delightful, cozy, soothing night of writing? I don’t know about you but I often find myself spraying perfume, air freshener, or lighting candles to diffuse stress more than I do smell. As soon as the stale, bland air becomes a mist of floral infused, herb scented bliss, I’m instantly calmed down.

According to, aroma therapy can reduce anxiety and ease depression. In addition to lower symptoms of anxiety, it essentially enhances your capabilities and performance. It increases your cognitive function, strengthens your immune system, eliminates headaches, induces sleep, reduces pain, increases circulation, and improves digestion.

With all of the benefits of aromatherapy being said, let’s dive into what specific scents do for you.

Rose: What is considered to be the most beautiful flower in the world is more than just a pretty set a petals. Rose essential oil acts as an antidepressant, and relieves spasms in the respiratory system. According to it helps cure muscle pulls and cramps which are due to spasms.

Eucalyptus: The koalas must be onto something because this leafy green plant that they dedicate their days gnawing on is beneficial to us humans as well. Eucalyptus oil creates a refreshing effect of which acts as a stimulant to remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness. It also works as a great way to combat asthma symptoms. Sooth the discomfort that comes from asthma by allowing more oxygen in lungs and massage some Eucalyptus oil onto your chest. This will help achieve normal breathing.

Ginger: If you know a thing or two about health and wellness you know that ginger has numerous health benefits if we eat it, but this super-food is helpful to our health just by one whiff.

It moves along your digestion process and regulates sugar levels. states that ginger is often used in appetizers at restaurants because it stimulates appetite, additionally it contains several compounds that improve the absorption of nutrients. It also assists in fighting illness, menstrual cramps, and excess gas. This powerful root definitely a super-food, but if that’s not for you then using ginger as aromatherapy is the way to go.

Whether you’re lighting candles or excessively spraying a scent into the air, fragrance does more than mask the dull smell of our house. Instead it brings numerous health benefits with each ingredient that it consists of. Keep a close look at the ingredients of your candles and other fragrances and see what scents do what for your health or pop a little bottle of essential oil in your bag or backpack for a reliable source of aroma therapy. Work hard, stay calm, and breathe in and breathe out.

“It’s a good day to have a good one”

-Alena Purpero

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