Motivation Techniques

motivationEveryone approaches the point in their life where they can’t stand how they look or feel anymore. But what does it take for someone to finally accept who they are and make a change? New Years? Maybe a post break-up motivation to prove what the “ex” is missing out on? Everyone has a different breaking point, everyone has a different reason, but instead of a moment, maybe everyone is looking for a motivator. A motivator can come in many different forms, but we like to think the best motivator is our PR team staff! Trained with a burning desire to push you to become better, with our staff and these 4 “hacks” we believe success, just got easier.
A recent article by daily-burn (check it out here) describes the 4 best “hacks” into finding and maintaining a proven motivation factor.

  1. Give yourself a real reward! Some people might be interested in the very common goals such as weight loss, or feeling stronger. But what about a small treat such as a smoothie or a 30-minute break where you do absolutely nothing. Over time your body will create a “habit loop” which will signal endorphins “the feel good chemicals that your body releases”.
  2. Sign a Commitment Contract! Get a bunch of friends together and sign a contract with some sort of consequence if you don’t complete the terms! Some common “consequences” would be a monetary fault, or the next round of drinks!
  3. Rethink positive thinking! Have you ever been multiple episodes in to a new Netflix series? You know you should go workout, but the series is too good to get up. Think about how excited you will be to see new muscles developing or old ones getting larger! A feel good fantasy is only effective when it’s followed by a more realistic problem-solving method, this is called “mental contrasting”!
  4. GET PAID! Yes it sounds crazy, but next time you’re cruising the app store, look at the app Pact. It’s a community of fellow users who will literally pay you to stick to your schedule. The “catch” is if you miss your session, you authorize the app to charge you! When you reach your goal, you get paid out of a common pool funded by yourself and other pact-breakers!

Now that you’ve learned the best 4 “hacks” it’s your time to go and master them! If you’re one of the individuals that is looking for a moment to get you motivated, consider this your moment!

“Success is a journey but we treat it like a place and it doesn’t make sense if you don’t enjoy the ride.”

-Riley Pink

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