Finding Progress After You Plateau

plateauHave you ever wondered why your workouts just don’t seem to do it for you anymore? You probably have switched it up a little, riding the bike instead of running or lifting twice a week rather than once. Here are some reasons why:

You’ve hit a plateau. This means that your body has stopped changing after some progress was made. Some ways to fix this would be to change up your workouts! That doesn’t mean do a different type of cardio, it means workout at different times during the day. If you are really striving to be more fit, try small workouts in the morning and also in the evening, commonly known as “two-a-days”. This helps shock your body and boost your metabolism and you will start seeing progress again! Although, don’t work too hard too close to each other. You need to make sure you have plenty of rest between workouts so your body can recover.

Do you lift? Well you should. Weight training is an effective way to become more fit and especially start seeing definition in your muscles. Increasing muscle mass also helps you burn more fat. You like pizza don’t you? Adding a three sessions of weight training to your workout routine will give you that flexibility to enjoy some of your favorite foods without feeling guilty!

Are you lifting effectively? If you answered the above question “yes” then you already knew the information. But now think about HOW you lift. If you lift weights too quickly, you are more than likely using your momentum rather than your muscle strength. You can recognize this by having an intense “swole session” (if you are a meat head) and not feel any amount of soreness the next day. Slow your reps down and you will start to see and FEEL more progress.

My best advice would be this, if you are stuck working out the same way everyday, find something new! The best part about being a student at UW-Whitewater is that we have so many different opportunities for fitness, whether you join intramurals, hit the open gyms, attend group fitness classes, or using either of our workout facilities to get your grind on.

Get out there and try something new, if you continue doing the same thing, you will continue to get the same results!

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going.”

Kenzi Weidman


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