Don’t Study Too Hard     

2        With finals quickly approaching, so many of us are starting to really hit the books hard. Maybe that one class you skipped the fifth week of school turned into four classes you skipped, or maybe you just have a really difficult professor. Either way, it is definitely the time of year where most students are in extreme study mode. I am here as a reminder to you that you absolutely should NOT be studying so much!

Now please, don’t confuse my words. I certainly recommend that you study up before your final exams. However, forcing yourself to constantly study is not the option. You are a human being; you need breaks and snacks and time for relaxation! It is totally okay for you to put down your flashcards and pick up some food with your friends for an hour! I know for some of you, this is a very scary idea. But trust me, you need and DESERVE this time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a break! Do something for yourself that will relax you and distract you from the pain of studying. Even something as simple as going to the gym for an hour can make studying more tolerable. You could also get a group of your friends together and try out a group fitness class! The great thing about Whitewater is that there is always something to do around campus! You honestly have no excuse to constantly study.

So please, when you start feeling stressed, take a deep breath and recognize that it may be time for a resting period. It is good for your mind, and it shows that you care about yourself! Good luck on your finals, and remember that Warhawk Fitness is here for you whenever you need a quick study break!

|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor

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