Work out and look good all on a budget.

look good feel goodI have always felt that if you look good you feel good.  When working out on a daily basis workout clothes become a necessity.  Although I love my Luluemon work out leggings, my bank account does not.  I started mixing and matching some of my expensive favorites with quality cheap brands, and learned this is the best way to go!  I will be sharing with you my go to stores that have some of the best stuff at a reasonable price so you can not only look good, but feel good.

  1. H&M My go to for all sports bras, tank tops, and headbands!  The prices on these items are a steal.  Oh, and did I mention the endless options of designs that they offer.  Don’t worry guys, H&M has many stylish options for you too.
  2.  Target Target, everyone’s first love!  They place that has everything and anything at a great cost.  My personal favorite when it comes to Target active wear is, well I don’t have a favorite because I am madly in love with it all.  While you’re their go ahead and pick up some active wear for the male figure in your life, or maybe a super cute yoga mate, and maybe some ingredients to make a strawberry banana smoothie.  The choices are endless.
  3. Forever21 Love to work out, love to look cute, but your bank account isn’t so cute.  Forever21 is your place to go.  Both for men and women, you are offered a ton of stylish options for active wear.  With tons of designs to pick from your cart will be full of outfits at a low cost you will be surprised to see.  Although don’t plan on these clothes lasting forever.  Remember you get what you pay for!
  4. Old Navy My top favorite fitness collection.  With adorable styles, good quality, and amazing deals.  Everything from yoga, to cardio, from style, to sport you will be happy.  The outfits you can create our never-ending with the amount of color possibilities.  Whether you are hitting the gym or just need a comfortable outfit for class, Old Navy will not disappoint.  Did I mention they won’t break your bank and the quality of the clothing is marvelous?
  5. TJ Maxx TJ Maxx, popular products with the price cut in half.  One located in Janesville, right down the road from Whitewater, this store can be quit convenient yet addicting.  Not going to lie, TJ Maxx is a hit or miss, but if you hit it at the right time the athletic section is astonishing.  Providing both big brand names like Columbia and some smaller names, you cannot pass up the discount that is offered on that price tag.  Definitely the place to go if you’re looking for brand-named active wear.
  6. Nike Outlet Speaking of brand-named.  Who doesn’t love Nikes active wear and tennis shoes?  Nike is one of my favorite brands to wear while hitting the gym, but that’s if I am willing to splurge a little.  That is until I discovered the Nike Outlet at Johnsons Creek Outlet Mall, only a twenty minute drive from Whitewater.  It is basically Nike heaven.  This is where I get all my athletic shorts that are typically half off and where I purchase my Nike tennis that are always at a discount price.  You will not be disappointed after stepping foot into this outlet and either will your wallet.

Now it is your turn shop for some active wear so you can feel your absolute best without breaking your budget.  Remember shopping is a cardio!

“Remember, being fit is always in style.”

-Karlee Fowler

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