Meet the faces behind the wit and wisdom featured on the UC blog!

Bailey Gaffney

Hi, my name is Bailey and I’m one of the Marketing Assistants here in the UC! I’m a sophomore Marketing major, and new to campus this fall. I have a passion for traveling, so if I’m not in the UC or on campus, I’m probably abroad! In my free time, you can find me hiking with my dogs or spending time with my family on the lake.

 Lindsey NovakLindsey

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SarahSarah Hollnagel

Hi my name is Sarah Hollnagel and I’m a junior studying General Business. This will be my first semester as a Marketing Assistant for the UC. Outside of school, you can find me involved with the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the General Management Org (GMO). In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix and playing games with friends and family.

LainahLainah Mangwiza

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Victoria Hamel

Hello! My name is Victoria Hamel, I am a sophomore majoring in Business and Marketing. I work at the University Center as an Administrative Assistant. My favorite part about working at the UC is networking with other students, campus staff, and various people from the community. I am very proud to be apart of a welcoming and supportive environment! Beyond work, I compete for UW-Whitewater’s Swim Team and have recently joined AMA- American Marketing Association. In my free time, I am dancing around to music, finding new places to explore and doing yoga.

Hannah Keziah Agustin

Hi! I’m Hannah, a freshman Film Studies major with a Music minor. I am a general gallery assistant at Roberta’s Art Gallery, and a media technician at the Learning Technology Center. I enjoy working at the UC because it gives me the opportunity to work with creative people who have the same passion for the arts as I do. Outside of work, you will see me writing, making music, and taking pictures.

Kate Amerling

Hello! My name is Kate Amerling, and I am a senior majoring in communications with a public relations emphasis and a marketing minor. I am currently the PR Intern at Roberta’s Art Gallery. Working at the art gallery is such a blast because we have an awesome team and no day is the same! From working with the different artists to collaborating with the Whitewater community and campus organizations, I have so much fun. If I am not working in the UC, I can be found in an American Marketing Association meeting or doing social media for Intramural and Club Sports. In my free time I love painting, sports, and hammocking!

MilesMiles Duckert

Hello! My name is Miles Duckert. I am a sophomore Social Work major with a Psychology minor. I am the Student Manager at Roberta’s Art Gallery. Working at the UC has provided me with opportunities to improve my confidence in professional settings as well as practice my interviewing skills. I have really enjoyed my time at the UC meeting new people and collaborating with different departments. In my free time I can be found drawing, listening to or playing music, and trying out new cooking and baking recipes!

Jacob Bailey

Hello, My name is Jacob Bailey and I work for UC Entertainment as an Entertainment Assistant! I am a Sophomore at Whitewater and I am majoring in General Business with a minor in Economics and Digital Marketing. The reason why I like working for the UC is being able to collaborate with other departments on a daily basis. Having this opportunity allows for me to network and get to know all of my co-workers better! In addition, in my free time I enjoy to binge watch Hulu and taking part in weightlifting club!